Thermal Curtain Lining

LUXURY Floral Damask 100% Linen Total BLACKOUT Thermal Lined QUALITY CURTAINS

LUXURY Floral Damask 100% Linen Total BLACKOUT Thermal Lined QUALITY CURTAINS
LUXURY Floral Damask 100% Linen Total BLACKOUT Thermal Lined QUALITY CURTAINS
LUXURY Floral Damask 100% Linen Total BLACKOUT Thermal Lined QUALITY CURTAINS
LUXURY Floral Damask 100% Linen Total BLACKOUT Thermal Lined QUALITY CURTAINS
LUXURY Floral Damask 100% Linen Total BLACKOUT Thermal Lined QUALITY CURTAINS
LUXURY Floral Damask 100% Linen Total BLACKOUT Thermal Lined QUALITY CURTAINS
LUXURY Floral Damask 100% Linen Total BLACKOUT Thermal Lined QUALITY CURTAINS

LUXURY Floral Damask 100% Linen Total BLACKOUT Thermal Lined QUALITY CURTAINS

Exquisite and originally (hand-) made to measure from heavy weight 100% linen fabric. Linen fibres are the most ecological of all natural fibres being 10 times more ecological to produce than cotton.

Gives the look and feel of natural linen while giving superior strength. The natural colour has been softened by a non-chemical process which is why the fabric has a gorgeous soft handle, texture and wonderful drape. These have been made to an exquisite professional standard! They are in a lovely neutral colour - for your guidance we have set the fabric against the Farrow & Ball colour chart please see the accompanying pictures. They would suit pretty much any style of interior, and will work equally well in a classic or contemporary context.

Thermal linings are an effective and practical solution to your insulation needs: windows are an important source of heat loss in winter, while sometimes transforming a room into a greenhouse in summer. Dress your windows with thermal curtains, depending on your needs, insulates you against cold from outside or maintains a cool interior. Thermal curtains therefore allow you to save up to 46% on your heating bills or to reduce your indoor temperatures by up to 7°C during the summer months. 4 Pencil Heading - to produce a better look.

Classic pencil pleat curtains that allow flexibility in gathering and pleats, allowing you to style your window to perfection. They are 3 pass BLACKOUT Thermal lined. This means they have the benefit of TOTAL light-blocking, as well as giving the curtains a beautiful luxurious look and insulating the window. Blackout curtains can block 40% of noise. Blackout blinds in a baby or child's room can make a huge difference to their sleep, and helps stop them rising with the sun and getting them to bed when it is still light outside. Darkening a room aids in sleep especially for shift workers or others with non traditional sleep schedules and for blocking artificial night time light such as from a streetlamp. MADE TO MEASURE Service is available. Just send us your measurements and will come back to you with the quote. These curtains are brand new, they don't have any stains, fading or holes. Please note the tie back is not included. Outstanding Gorgeous Shabby Chic Pure Linen Ecological Quality Heavy Curtains.

They have a lovely texture and they drape beautifully. Floral Pair Pure Linen BLACKOUT Thermal Bespoke 2.29cm LONG 2.05cmWide CURTAINS. 100% Linen Interlined Lined 120" LONG 110" Wide CURTAINS. Pair of White 100% Linen BLACKOUT Lined THERMAL 2.29 m LONG 2.80 m Wide CURTAINS. New Pair of 100% LINEN Damask Lined INTERLINED Bespoke 2m Wide 2.80m D CURTAINS.

100% Linen Dove Grey Lined INTERLINED LONG Heavy Thick CURTAINS (#231518674728). Pure Linen Dove Grey Lined INTERLINED LONG 121.5ÓDx 80ÓW CURTAINS (#231518678883). NEW PAIR of 100% Linen Grey Cream Lined INTERLINED LONG 117Óx117Ó HEAVY CURTAINS (#231517053750). The most stunning curtains I've ever bought!!! 120Óx 99ÓD 100% Linen Grey Cream CURTAINS Lined INTERLINED LONG (#231506445914). Linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant, Linen is generally a more expensive fabric, because the plant (Flax) needs more nurturing, and producing the relatively long fibers to make into yarn and weave is a more difficult process than something like cotton. It also makes a much finer cloth than hemp, which was cultivated in ancient times for fabric as well, but probably gave folks rug burn.

It has very thin individual fibers that are longer (18-55) than other plant fibers, so the yarn made with it is strong even when very fine. It is 2-3 times as strong as cotton, soft, lustrous and flexible. Linen resists stains like no other fabric.

Best of all, linen is eco-friendly! Curtain pole or track should be installed before you start your measurement. First choose the amount of gather youre going to need.

This is the amount you will multiply the width of the rail by to calculate the width of the fabric. All curtains need to have some gather in order for them not to be stretched completely flat when closed. We recommend a minimum of 1.50 up to a more abundant gather of 3.00, depending on style you prefer.

Measure width of your track (from end to end) or pole, between the decorative finials not the window! , and multiply that by the gather to get the total width. For example, if your rails are 100 wide, and you require two curtains with a standard gather of 2.00, then you would need approx. 200 width in total, so 2 x 100 width curtains.

Measure to sill + 1cm, below the sill + 15cm, to floor + 1cm. We reccommend measure the drop in 3 places and choose the longest measurement. Measure drop from the pole eyelets to your finished length. Pencil Pleat Heading - The most popular heading for curtains and valances.

We use a 7.5 cm (3) tape for our curtains. Pencil pleat suits all types of track and pole.

Pinch Pleat Heading - Classic, elegant pinch pleats use more fabric and are fuller than pencil pleats. Our pleats are hand-sewn (not curtain tape) and permanently fixed for a more luxurious, tailored look. A pinch pleat is a fixed, sewn-in heading.

Contemporary look tab top heading curtains have 10 cm long tabs (included in the curtain drop) and are suitable for poles up to 45mm in diameter. Tab top headings are not suitable for curtain tracks or bay windows. Modern eyelet heading curtains are a great look for any interior. Eyelets are available in different colours and diameters. Inverted pleats create a smart, formal, yet alternative look.

The finished width of the curtains is fixed. Inverted pleat suits all types of track and pole. 100% Cotton Lining - A lining helps your curtains & blinds hang well and proctets them from sunlight damage. Interlining - This is a third layer between the main fabric and the lining.

Interlining adds heat insulation, as well as a luxurious look and volume to your curtains. Blackout lining - 3 pass heavy blackout lining is perfect for keeping unwanted light out of the room. This also helps to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

It adds weight to the curtain and protects the main fabric from sunlight. A great option for childrens bedrooms. Lined and Interlined - The classic sumptuous look.

This option uses two lining layers and hangs beautifully, and helps to insulate, keeping the room cosy and warm. These curtains will be heavy and require a strong pole or track. Blackout and interlined - This option has all of the above - it blocks light, insulates and protects the main fabric.

It uses two lining layers including blackout, as well as the main fabric. I always send my items by courier. France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain: 22.79.

Our company is based in Wiltshire in England, a country which has a long history of textiles and weaving. We specialise in creating high quality curtains, blinds and other soft furnishing. We endeavour to source the best quality fabrics from around the world, as well as always aiming to provide the lowest prices possible to our customers. We choose ecologically sound natural fabrics such as linen, silk, wool and cotton. I accept payments through pay pal, bank transfer or cash on collection. The item "LUXURY Floral Damask 100% Linen Total BLACKOUT Thermal Lined QUALITY CURTAINS" is in sale since Saturday, March 25, 2017. This item is in the category "Home, Furniture & DIY\Children's Home & Furniture\Curtains". The seller is "graceandgoldney" and is located in Wiltshire. This item can be shipped to North, South, or Latin America, all countries in Europe, Japan, Australia.
  • Type: Curtain
  • Main Colour: Beige
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • Brand: Grace & Goldney
  • Material: 100% Linen
  • Pattern: Floral
  • Width: 81" - 100" (204 cm - 254 cm)
  • Length: 101" - 150" (255 cm - 381 cm)

LUXURY Floral Damask 100% Linen Total BLACKOUT Thermal Lined QUALITY CURTAINS